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VVC Credits - Heck Ya!
Please follow the videos below for step-by-step instructions
Students must register for Spring Semester at Victor Valley College. This is done during school in ALL CTE classes. If you missed the assigned times, please see Traci Steward in the CTE Office (760-868-5817 x21439 or [email protected]).
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Don’t know if your CTE class gets college credit?
  1. Ask your CTE Teacher
  2. Call the CTE Office (the phone number is listed above)
  3. Check out CTE Course Sequence link to the left
  4. Check out VVC’s website here (Choose Snowline JUSD from the tab menu)



Serrano High School has established over 20 articulation agreements with Victor Valley College. Within the past few months, your child has been completing the registration for VVC online and completing a step-by-step process to ensure they receive their earned college credit. This process is crucial in order for your student to receive college credit for their particular class. They must pass their CTE class with a “B-” or better in order to receive the college credit. This program is free to all students at Snowline who are enrolled in these specific Career Technical Education classes. 


Courses that have been articulated and have an official agreement with Victor Valley College can be viewed on VVC’s website!


You must have your articulated final grades submitted to the CTE Office by the second Friday in May. Please use to fill in the VVC Articulated Google Sheet. This will require students' VVC ID. You will want to create a system to collect this information from your student.

  1. Students need to earn a "B-" or better in your class.
  2. Apply to VVC using the two-step process above.
  3. Fill out our Google Sheets titled "202X Serrano Grade Submissions VVC Articulations" 
    1. Located on
  4. Due 2nd Friday in May.


Suggestion: Have an assignment in Google Classroom and have all of your students save their VVC email as a PDF (file print, choose PDF as your printer) and upload this PDF to Google Classroom.