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Campus Positivity

On Thursday, May 26, a lunch time raffle occurred where yearbooks, Class of 2022 Bears and mystery bags were raffled off.  The following is a list of winners!
From March 28 through April 15, 2022, Serrano organized a No-Lockout Incentive.  In years past, we have seen an uptick in the number of lockouts immediately following Spring Break.  As a result, we wanted to acknowledge the students who are getting to class on time, which maximizes their in-class learning.
Congratulations to all our winners!
What are Diamondbucks?
Diamondbucks are our school-wide student recognition system.  Educators and staff on campus award a Green or Gold Diamondbuck to students who are doing the right thing.  Whether it is participating in class discussion, picking up trash, helping out a peer, students can earn Diamondbucks and turn them in for a classroom incentive and/or a school-wide raffle. Click the slideshow below to see the awesomeness among our Serrano students.
Check out what Serrano is doing to promote a safe and consistent pro-social learning environment.
At Serrano, we Expect Respect!
To make our classroom environments predictable, Serrano educators have posted classroom expectations for the various instructional routines that occur on any given day.  Teachers also refer to them when transitioning between activities and often acknowledge with Diamondbucks, positive interactions among students.  Here is a sample of behavioral matrices on campus. 
Serrano High School is dedicated to fostering a positive academic environment for all of our students. In an effort to ensure that all students learn how to be a productive and successful member of our school community, Serrano has chosen to be a PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports) school. This means that expectations and consequences should be clearly defined to provide a consistent, nurturing, predictable, positive, and safe environment for our students. This is outlined in “The Diamondback Way” which can be remembered as SHS or Showing Integrity, Honoring Self and Others, and Social Responsibility.