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Campus Positivity

What are Diamondbucks?
Diamondbucks are our school-wide student recognition system.  Educators and staff on campus award a Blue or Gold Diamondbuck to students who are doing the right thing.  Whether it is participating in class discussion, picking up trash or helping out a peer - the ways to earn a Diamondbuck are endless.  Students can earn Diamondbucks and turn them in for a classroom incentive and/or a school-wide raffle.  By the end of September 2023, we will also open the Diamondbuck Store.  Students can purchase Serrano Gear, food and drink items, trinkets and school supplies from the store.  It is open every other week at lunch on Early Release Thursdays.
Student Voice Forum
We are looking for collaborative-minded Serrano students interested in providing their feedback, brainstorming ideas and time to positively impact our Serrano school culture.  Please save the dates listed below and notify Mr. LaVoie in the SRO if you are interested in participating.
2023-2024 Student of the Week Winners 
Starting in mid-Septembers, Serrano Teachers will be asked weekly to recognize a "stand-out" student from their classes.  These nominations will be entered into a weekly raffle where the winners will recieve their teacher's kind words, along with a goodie back to recognize the student's awesomeness.  Stay tuned Serrano!  You may be this week's winners.
Diamondbuck Raffle Winners
Students are recognized by teachers and staff for doing what is expected of them, in addition to those who go above and beyond on campus.  There are a variety of ways to earn them - picking up trash on campus, offering peer tutoring, participating in class, modeling appropriate behavior, etc.  The Diamondbuck Raffle Box can be found at the Diamondback Store.  Winners get the chance to grab something from the Diamondbuck PBIS Cart. These raffles will start at the end of September. Stay Awesome, Diamondbacks!
Serrano High School is dedicated to fostering a positive academic environment for all of our students. In an effort to ensure that all students learn how to be a productive and successful member of our school community, Serrano has chosen to be a PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports) school. This means that expectations and consequences should be clearly defined to provide a consistent, nurturing, predictable, positive, and safe environment for our students. This is outlined in “The Diamondback Way” which can be remembered as SHS or Showing Integrity, Honoring Self and Others, and Social Responsibility.