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As an incentive to our students who meet the expectations laid out in “The Diamondback Way,” staff are encouraged to give out Diamondbucks. Many teachers offer specific classroom incentives that students can use Diamonbucks to attain, and a student raffle is regularly held in which students can win a prize. Prizes include candy, Serrano gear, yearbooks, senior ads, dance tickets, and more.






PBIS doesn’t stop at providing rewards for students already meeting Serrano’s expectations. Some students are identified by faculty and staff as needing additional help learning and living up to the school’s expectations. In order to help these students further, various supports have been put in place. These students are brought together with other students facing similar struggles in order to help them work through them and learn to make better choices. Moving forward, we plan to expand the role of these groups in our school as we believe that traditional punishments (detention, suspension, etc.) are only effective when paired with an opportunity to learn acceptable behavior. If students do not respond to these small group interventions, they are then referred for individualized interventions which can include individual monitoring, counseling, and other supports.

Silver PBIS Implementation 2019

Serrano High School is dedicated to fostering a positive academic environment for all of our students. In an effort to ensure that all students learn how to be a productive and successful member of our school community, Serrano has chosen to be a PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports) school. This means that expectations and consequences should be clearly defined to provide a consistent, nurturing, predictable, positive, and safe environment for our students. This is outlined in “The Diamondback Way” which can be remembered as SHS or Showing Integrity, Honoring Self and Others, and Social Responsibility.