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5-Star Students App

What is 5-Star Students?
5-Star Students is a unique, web-based platform available to help educators and administrators track and drive student involvement in school activities and events. Public research has proven there’s a strong correlation between involvement in school activities and student achievement. To that end, 5-Star Students provides viable solutions to keep track of involvement using web, mobile and barcode scanning technologies. Schools can assign point values to help drive more involvement and manage incentive programs to recognize students for their participation. The ability to track attendance at out-of-classroom events or sessions can provide accurate records to support many use cases. The program can also assist with tracking student behavior occurrences as part of PBIS programs or other initiatives. In addition to involvement and positive behavior, 5-Star Students can help schools track intervention attendance for academic events. Sites can now use the program for safety measures: the digital hall pass tool provides an efficient way to monitor students out of class; the emergency check-in feature allows schools to check individuals in during an emergency or drill. 5-Star Students ultimately provides schools or districts with a wealth of data on student involvement at an individual or group level. How does it work?
5-Star Students simplifies data collection into three simple steps: track, drive, and recognize.
• Track: Designated individuals can check students and other participants into an event using a mobile barcode scanner, a mobile device, or a computer.
• Drive: By using a positive point system, schools can incentivize student engagement.
• Recognize: Recognizing and rewarding participants will not only motivate students to become more involved, but will also help promote a more positive school environment.
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