Senior Sweatshirt Packages are still available.  Click the link below. 
If you purchase on line at link above, you may pick it up during the Drive Through Diploma Celebration.
They will also be available during the Drive through Diploma Celebration.  The cost for the Class of 2020 Sweatshirt/Tshirt Combination is $40 cash. 

May 21, 2020


Good morning seniors and families,

We have some important dates and information to share with you. First, we will be celebrating our graduating seniors by having a drive-through diploma celebration on June 4th in the stadium at Serrano High School. Prior to that day, we will be collecting the seniors’ books, borrowed computers and any outstanding fees. The date that we will be collecting books and computers will be on Tuesday, May 26th and Wednesday, May 27th. Seniors will be returning their items on the bus ramp at Serrano High School. Students must return all books, borrowed computers and pay all outstanding fees in order to receive their diploma. Refund checks (Gradnite, Prom FFA State Conference) will also be available for pickup on those days, as well as High Honor and Honor stoles. The details are as follows:


May 26th - students with the last name that starts with:

A - C (76) - 8:00 a.m.

D - G (71) - 9:00 a.m.

H - L  (59) - 10:00 a.m.

May 27th - students with the last name that starts with:

M - P (77) - 8:00 a.m.

Q - S (73) - 9:00 a.m.

T - Z (44) - 10:00 a.m.

Fees can be paid by credit card prior to these dates by calling Serrano High School at 760-868-3222 between the hours of 8:00 AM- 12:00 PM, Monday through Friday. There will be someone available during the book return time for cash and check payments only. 

Now for the fun information! 

As we celebrate our seniors on June 4th during the drive-through celebration in the stadium at Serrano High School, we are asking families to honor social distancing guidelines by remaining in their cars.  We will be providing masks and gloves for the graduates who need them. 

Drive-Through Diploma Celebration

  • June 4th 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM in the Serrano High School Stadium.
  • Last day/time for seniors to complete all of their credit requirements in order to participate in and receive their diploma during the drive through event is May 22rd at 12pm.  Students who have completed graduation requirements will receive their actual diploma in the staging area (please leave this in the car) and receive your diploma cover on the stage. During a normal graduation ceremony, students receive their diploma cover and then come to school the next day to pick up their diploma.  We are trying to save students the extra trip for another grab and go event.
  • Students will also receive a 3x5 index card to write their name with a phonetic spelling to help the announcers. Please bring a pen.
  • There is only room for one car per student in the line.There will be staff throughout the parking area to guide families through the celebration.
  • Seniors should arrive 30 minutes before schedule time to line-up in the staging area. They should have their cap and gown on before exiting the vehicle.
  • All vehicles will enter the Pinon Mesa parking lot, follow the line through the staging areas, then enter through the 1st gate at the stadium on Sheep Creek Rd. (the east side of the parking lot). Cars will exit out the maintenance gate on the west side of the stadium and turn right onto Malpaso Rd.
  • When entering the track, vehicles will be directed to veer right or left.  Drivers should follow the cars ahead of them until they reach a staff member who will instruct students to exit the car.  
  • Students need to have on their cap and gown as well as any cords or stoles BEFORE they exit the car. No one is allowed to exit the vehicle, except the graduate. 
  • Students will wait at this point until directed by a staff member to proceed to Station #1 where we will have masks and gloves for students who do not have what is required.
  • When instructed, students will be asked to move to station #2 where they will hand their index card to the reader of names.
  • When their name is read, they will proceed to walk on stage where they will be presented their diploma cover. 
  • When the senior’s name is called, family members can cheer them on and take photos from the car ONLY. Grad Images Photography will take a professional photo of all students as they receive the diploma cover.
  • After this, students will be directed to Station #4 where they will reenter the car.
  • In accordance with AB1974, if you are a Senior and have a Chromebook, uniform, or textbook, you must check these items in before May 29th to be eligible to pick up a diploma.  
  • When you receive your diploma cover, a professional photograph will be taken.  GradImages will email the parent/student with pricing information. 

Please arrive at the designated time as noted below. The ceremonies will begin promptly at 9:00 AM.  The arrival schedule is as follows:  

Last name beginning with: Arrival/Staging Time:

A, B  8:30 AM

C, D, E  9:00 AM

F, G, H, I, J 9:30 AM

K, L, M, N 10:00 AM

O, P, Q, R 10:30 AM

S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z 11:00 AM

In an attempt to prevent potential traffic problems, traffic will be controlled by the school police, and all vehicles will enter the celebration at Pinon Mesa Middle School and will exit through the maintenance yard onto Malpaso Rd. Please follow these directions for arriving at and entering the Pinon Mesa parking lot.


  • From Hesperia/Victorville direction – West on Phelan Rd, turn left on Sheep Creek Rd. Enter the Pinon Mesa parking lot for staging. 
  • From Wrightwood direction – Hwy 2, west on 138, turn right on Beekley, turn right onto Nielson, turn right on Sheep Creek Rd. Enter the Pinon Mesa Parking lot for staging.
  • From Pinon Hills direction -- East on Phelan Rd, turn right on Beekley Rd, turn left on Neilson Rd, turn right on Sheep Creek Rd. Enter the Pinon Mesa parking lot for staging.


If you have any questions, please call the school Monday–Friday from 8:00- 12:00 at 760-868-3222. Someone from the school will answer the phone and try to help answer questions. You can also email Assistant Principal, Mrs. Andrea Morrison ( or ASB Advisor, Scott Cornell

Graduation Committee Members:

Assistant Principal- Mrs. Andrea Morrison

Assistant Principal - Mrs. Lisa Hansen

ASB Advisor- Mr. Scott Cornell

Senior Class Advisor- Mr. Joshua Sullivan

Counselor- Mrs. Michele Scribner

Teacher Extraordinaire - Mr. Chris Piercy



Buenos días, Estudiantes Seniors y Familias.


Tenemos algunas fechas importantes e información para compartir con ustedes. Primero, celebraremos a nuestros alumnos de último año que se gradúen celebrando el 4 de junio en el estadio de la Escuela Secundaria Serrano. Antes de ese día, estaremos recogiendo los libros de los estudiantes Seniors, las computadoras prestadas y las tarifas pendientes. La fecha en que estaremos recogiendo libros y computadoras será el martes 26 de mayo y el miércoles 27 de mayo. Los estudiantes Seniors regresarán sus artículos en la rampa del autobús en la Preparatoria Serrano. Los estudiantes deben devolver todos los libros, computadoras prestadas y pagar todas las tarifas pendientes para recibir su diploma. Los detalles son los siguientes:


Libro / Materiales


26 de mayo - estudiantes con el apellido que comienza con:

A - C (76) - 08:00 a.m.

D - G (71) - 09:00 a.m.

H - L (59) - 10:00 a.m.


27 de mayo - los estudiantes con el apellido que comienza con:

M - P (77) - 08:00 a.m.

Q - S (73) - 09:00 a.m.

T -  Z (44) - 10:00 a.m.


Cuotas pueden pagarse con tarjeta de crédito antes de estas fechas llamando a la Escuela Secundaria Serrano al 760-868-3222 entre las 8:00 a.m. y las 12:00 p.m., de lunes a viernes. Habrá alguien disponible durante el tiempo de devolución del libro solo para pagos en efectivo y cheques. 


Ahora para la información divertida! 


Mientras celebramos a nuestros estudiantes de último año (los Seniors) el 4 de junio durante la celebración de tránsito en el estadio de la Escuela Secundaria Serrano, estamos pidiendo a las familias que cumplan con las pautas de distancia social al permanecer en sus autos. Proporcionaremos máscaras y guantes para los graduados que los necesiten. 

Celebración del Diploma Drive-Through

  • 4 de junio de 9:00 a.m. a 12:00 p.m. en el estadio Serrano High School.
  • Último día y hora para que los estudiantes Seniors completen la totalidad de sus requisitos de crédito con el fin de participar y recibir su diploma durante el viaje a través de eventos es el 22 de  mayoa las 12 p.m. Los estudiantes que hayan completado los requisitos de graduación recibirán su diploma real en el área de preparación (por favor, déjenlo en el auto) y recibirán su cubierta de diploma en el escenario. Durante una ceremonia de graduación normal, los estudiantes reciben su cubierta de diploma y luego vienen a la escuela al día siguiente para recoger su diploma. Estamos tratando de ahorrarles a los estudiantes el viaje extra para otro evento de llevar y llevar.
  • Los estudiantes también recibirán una tarjeta de índice 3x5 para escribir su nombre con una ortografía fonética para ayudar a los locutores. Por favor traiga una pluma.
  • Solo hay espacio para un automóvil por estudiante en la fila. Habrá personal en toda el área de estacionamiento para guiar a las familias durante la celebración.
  • Las personas mayores deben llegar 30 minutos antes del horario programado para alinearse en el área de preparación. Deben tener puesta su toga y birrete antes de salir del vehículo.
  • Todos los vehículos ingresarán al estacionamiento de Pinon Mesa, seguirán la línea a través de las áreas de estacionamiento y luego ingresarán a través de laprimera puerta en el estadio en Sheep Creek Rd. (el lado este del estacionamiento). Los autos saldrán por la puerta de mantenimiento en el lado oeste del estadio y girarán a la derecha en Malpaso Rd.
  • Al ingresar a la pista, los vehículos serán dirigidos a girar a la derecha o izquierda. Los conductores deben seguir a los autos que están delante de ellos hasta que lleguen a un miembro del personal que les indicará a los estudiantes que salgan del auto.  
  • Los estudiantes deben tener puesta su toga y birrete, así como también cualquier cable o estola ANTES de salir del automóvil. Nadie puede salir del vehículo, excepto el graduado. 
  • Los estudiantes esperarán en este punto hasta que un miembro del personal lo indique para proceder a la Estación # 1, donde tendremos máscaras y guantes para los estudiantes que no tengan lo que se requiere.
  • Cuando se les indique, se les pedirá a los estudiantes que se muevan a la estación # 2, donde entregarán su tarjeta de índice al lector de nombres.
  • Cuando se lea su nombre, procederán a caminar en el escenario donde se les presentará la portada de su diploma. 
  • Cuando se llame el nombre de su estudiante Senior, los miembros de la familia pueden animarlos y tomar fotos desde el automóvil SOLAMENTE. Grad Images Photography tomará una foto profesional de todos los estudiantes cuando reciban la portada del diploma.
  • Después de esto, los estudiantes serán dirigidos a la Estación # 4 donde volverán a entrar al auto.
  • De acuerdo con AB1974, si usted es un Senior y tiene un Chromebook, uniforme o libro de texto, debe registrar estos artículos antes del 29 de mayo para ser elegible para obtener un diploma.  
  • Cuando reciba la portada de su diploma, se tomará una fotografía profesional. GradImages enviará un correo electrónico al padre / estudiante con información sobre precios. 


Llegue a la hora designada como se indica a continuación. Las ceremonias comenzarán puntualmente a las 9:00 a.m. El horario de llegada es el siguiente:  


Apellido que comienza con: Hora de llegada / puesta en escena:

A, B  8:30 AM

C, D, E  9:00 AM

F, G, H, I, J 9:30 AM

K, L, M, N 10:00 AM

O, P, Q, R 10:30 AM

S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z 11:00 AM


En un intento por prevenir posibles problemas de tráfico, el tráfico será controlado por la policía de la escuela, y todos los vehículos ingresarán a la celebración en la Escuela Intermedia Pinon Mesa y saldrán por el patio de mantenimiento hacia Malpaso Rd. Siga estas instrucciones para llegar y entrar al estacionamiento de Pinon Mesa.


  • Desde Hesperia / Victorville dirección oeste en Phelan Rd, gire a la izquierda en Sheep Creek Rd. Ingrese al estacionamiento de Pinon Mesa para la puesta en escena. 
  • Desde Wrightwood, dirección Hwy 2, oeste en 138, gire a la derecha en Beekley, gire a la derecha en Nielson, gire a la derecha en Sheep Creek Rd. Ingrese al estacionamiento de Pinon Mesa para la puesta en escena.
  • Desde Pinon Hills en dirección este: en Phelan Rd, gire a la derecha en Beekley Rd, gire a la izquierda en Neilson Rd, gire a la derecha en Sheep Creek Rd. Ingrese al estacionamiento de Pinon Mesa para la puesta en escena.



Si tiene alguna pregunta, llame a la escuela de lunes a viernes de 8:00 a 12:00 al 760-868-3222. Alguien de la escuela contestará el teléfono e intentará ayudar a responderle a sus preguntas. También puede enviar un correo electrónico a la Subdirectora, Sra. Andrea Morrison ( o al Asesor de ASB, Scott Cornell

Miembros del Comité de Graduación::

Subdirectora Sra. Andrea Morrison

Subdirectora: Sra. Lisa Hansen

Asesora ASB: Sr. Scott Cornell

Asesor principal de clase: Sr. Joshua Sullivan

Consejero: Sra. Michele Scribner

Maestra Extraordinaria: Sr. Chris Piercy

May 19, 2020
Finally, good news on the Gradnite, Prom and FFA State Convention refunds.  The checks finally arrived and are being printed, signed and put in envelopes.  I will be at Serrano on Friday May 22nd from 9-11 in the office.  If you would like to pick up your check that day then please email me for a location and time to meet.   I will also have a table set up at the Senior Book/Materials and computer return on May 26th & May 27th  I will be set up by the fee table.  I will post that location when it is finalized.  I will also have the refunds for the Chaparral students if you paid for Gradnite or Prom.
Waiting on checks to arrive to disburse refunds for Gradnite and Prom.  The checks were ordered in the beginning of March and we still don't have them.  They were supposed to be finished on Friday and shipped today. If they arrive this week, I will have them at Senior book/material return next week Tuesday, May 26th and Wednesday, May 27th in the morning.  I will have a table set up for pickup.  I will need to see an ID and only the student or parent may pick up.  I will mail the remaining checks out Wednesday afternoon to the address on Aeries.  If you have issues with picking up, please email me directly
I am not sure if the Krispy Kreme Victorville store is participating but in case they are, I am putting this information on here

Krispy Kreme has something sweet for high school and college seniors – and their families and friends – who are unable to celebrate graduation by walking across the stage.  A new 2020 Graduate Dozen will be available for purchase the week of 5/18-5/24.  To sweeten the deal, on 5/19 seniors can get one 2020 Graduate Dozen FREE by wearing their cap and gown, or other Class of 2020 swag proving their senior status, to their local Krispy Kreme shop.

Prom 2020- Unfortunately the social distancing guidelines have not changed and therefore Prom has been cancelled. It hurts to do this to the Senior Class of 2020 as the end of your year has been traumatic enough but I have no choice but to do so. The refunds will be processed as soon as the checks get in. I am hoping to have them available for pickup during the Senior Book/Materials return. For those that can't make it, the checks will be mailed out.  If your address has changed and not updated in Aeries please email me if you aren't picking up the check. The Gradnite refunds will also be available that day if the checks get in.
Drive through Diploma Celebration- June 4th, save this morning as we will be having a celebration for you to receive your diploma that morning and follow with the Virtual graduation later that evening.  I will post the specifics on Tuesday morning after the email goes out from the graduation committee.
Senior Book/Materials Return- This will be happening on May 26th and 27th. The specifics will be in the same email as the Drive through Diploma Celebration.
The Senior survey that I sent out several weeks ago about the Senior event in August did not receive good reviews. So instead, I will try to plan some sort of Diamondback Kickback when the Yearbooks get in so you can hangout and sign yearbooks.  Again this will be based on the social distancing guidelines in place at this time.
May 12, 2020
Cap and Gown pass out is Tuesday, May 12th.
Seniors if your last name begins with the Letters A-G your pick up time is 9 am.
Seniors if your last name begins with the Letters H-P your pick up time is 10 am.
Seniors if your last name begins with the Letters Q-Z your pick up time is 11 am.
Below you will see a communication from Jostens about the process.
Stations may be a little further down the ramp.
Please put your name or students name (if parent picking up) on a big piece of paper and place it on your dash by the drivers side facing out.  They will check your ID to match the paper. First time doing this so please be patient.

Dear Senior,

    We are working to create a number of events to celebrate your graduation.  The first of these events is the Virtual Graduation that will be held on June 4th at 7 pm.  Here is the plan.  You need to be on the lookout for an email coming on your school email from StageClip/Marching Order.  This email will contain a link to your personal graduation page, which will be the same link used to upload your photo.  Click on the link and build your page.  We need this to be done by noon on May 14th.  One of the items it will ask for is a picture.  We would like your picture to be of you in your cap and gown.  If you had a cap and gown picture taken as part of your senior pictures then you can upload that or after you pick up your cap and gown on May 12th you can take a picture and get it onto your page.  Make sure to fill everything out and submit it by May 14th.  Look for more emails as we move through the month.


For more information, contact or with problems uploading, contact 





Prom 2020
Prom is still tentatively on for May 30th. I am holding out hope that the social distancing required by the State and County will be lifted enough that we can still have it. I have had several emails about when I will know about Prom.  I will make the call after hearing the Governor and Counties recommendations and also communicating with the District/School administration. I will make the decision before May 15th so that you would have a few weeks to get your dresses, tuxes, suits,etc...  Please know that I know that this is a major event and will not cancel unless I have too. About 2 weeks before Prom if it looks like it might be a go then I will post here how to go about paying for Prom.  If it does get cancelled, you will receive your refund in the mail.
Prom 2020 is cancelled.
Seniors, please check your email for a link to a survey about having a Senior event.  The survey is a contingency plan in case the "normal" events can not happen. The date I was shooting for was August 6th, in hopes it gave more time to relax social distancing guidelines.  There has been several requests to move the date to earlier because of students already having to leave for college by the 6th of August.  We are currently looking at dates in July to see if it can be changed.  Please take the survey if you haven't already.  
This event is only happening if they don't allow groups of  6000-8000 people. (roughly a traditional graduation size event)  Students are putting in the comments that they want a normal graduation and Prom. If the State and County allow for groups larger then 500 (which is not even allowed yet), then the School Board, Superintendent and Principal will then determine what graduation looks like.  I am hopeful that with Prom being moved to May 30th that it can still happen. That is 33 days away.  
Jostens will be on campus on May 12, 2020 to pass out cap and gowns as well as other Senior merchandise that was ordered.  The time will be from 10 - 12.  It will be similar to the Grab and Go lunch. Students and parents will stay in the car and have their items delivered to the car.  Still working on the logistics of that, so stay tuned.
Good Afternoon,
The Senior Class Adviser, Josh Sullivan, has reached out to Magic Mountain about Grad Nite.  He has no idea what is going to happen, whether it be postponed or cancelled, since they are still making decisions themselves.  As soon as he knows, he will contact me and I will put it up in this section of the website. If cancelled, we will start to process the refund checks and mail home.  Event is cancelled, refund checks will be mailed out to everybody the first part of May. We will strive to get them out sooner if possible.
Prom is still set for May 30th, it has not been cancelled.  We will have to wait to see how the next 5 weeks play out, with the various guidelines set by the County. I am holding out hope that we can still have this milestone event. If cancelled, we will start to process the refund checks and mail home.
Jostens will be on Campus towards the end of May to pass out Senior orders (cap and gowns, class rings, etc...).  It will be a process similar to the Grab and Go Lunches, packet handout and Chromebook pass out. Please check the 4/16 post for update.
The Admin team at Serrano is currently exploring various ways for a graduation ceremony. Various ideas are on the table, such as Virtual Graduation, July/August Graduation or both.  I will post as soon as we have figured out what we are going to do in regards to Graduation.
Locker (non PE) content handout will be next week Tuesday through Thursday. 100's (Math) hallway on Tuesday, 200's (Science)hallway on Wednesday, Outside lockers and missed day will be on Thursday.  We will get back to people how to get their PE locker clothing as soon as we figure out how to do that. It is more difficult because they are individual locks and we do not have keys for the locks.
Scholarship drop off will be next week Tuesday through Thursday. Check the Counseling page for more information. Scholarship information is found at the button of the drag down menu.
Cap and Gown Information
I have a graduation meeting on Tuesday morning.  I will post more Information after this meeting.  I will also be in contact with Jostens about how Seniors will be able to pick up the cap and gowns.  I will also be contacting Yearbook to determine how to pick up year books.  I am thinking that most items like this will be similar to the Food Service Grab and Go. I will keep you informed as soon as I know and post the information here.
2020 Senior Class
To the former Pinon Mesa graduates, Mr Chase (PMMS ASB), would like a recent picture of you for a project he and Ms. Beaujean are currently working on. If you could email him the picture to  -they would appreciate your help with their project.

April 1st’ 2020

First off,  I wish that this was all a bad dream or a horrible April Fool’s joke, but sadly it is a harsh reality that school is physically closed for the year.  In the next week, I will be posting information about how to obtain refunds and the moving of events. We are still waiting on a State and County directive on having some of the Senior Year events.

Gradnite- fairly certain this is cancelled

Prom-Pending, it has been moved to May 30th

Graduation- Pending

I am almost certain that Gradnite is cancelled and when I get final confirmation of that fact,  I will post event cancellation information on the website and about how ASB will be processing those refunds.

I am going to do my best to make sure you have some signature events to remember your Senior year.  I am assembling a team to brainstorm ideas and planning these Senior events. I have several ideas already in my small brain.  i will also be sharing a survey next week on 5 Star to get the Class of 2020 input The events will be planned for July so we have the best chance of having a group of 500 people assemble. The 400+ Seniors and the staff to put on the event.

In closing, my heart breaks for the Class of 2020 and just want you to know that I will have a team assembled that will do our best to WOW you this summer.

Stay tuned for announcements next week.

Stay Strong and Healthy Class of 2020,


Still checking the Senior survey on 5Star. Check your school emails from last week if you have not already taken the survey. The email will take you to the survey. I will respond to some of the survey results below.
We are not in charge of the running of Grad-night.  The decision to have it or cancel it starts with the theme park. If they have it, we will do our best to make sure that Serrano can go.
The following events (Grad-night and Prom) that you have paid for will be refunded if it is cancelled.
We will put on some type/s of event/s for Seniors if the school closures continue past May 1st.  ASB is currently working on Senior Activities for when the school closures ends if the Senior events get cancelled.  I will send out a survey as soon as I know what events are happening and what events will not.
Dates for Grad cap application will be postponed until we return to school.
Please Check the Counseling page for updates on scholarships. There is a tab for scholarships.
Sunday 3/29/20
Good evening Seniors,
I have been monitoring the 5Star survey that I sent out early today.
AS soon as I know any details, I will put it on this page, put it out on Social Media with SerranoNation, and on the Remind App.
For now nothing has been cancelled.
If Grad Nite is cancelled, We will send out refund checks when we are able to get back into school.
Prom has been moved until May 30th. It is still the same place and time.
WE will postpone all ASB Senior Event $$ due dates until Serrano reopens.
If you have other Senior event question, please email me at
We, the Serrano High School Associated School Body, will provide leadership and strive to create a high school environment in which all students feel well-represented and unified. We work toward achieving a safe, positive, and spirited atmosphere that makes students proud to be Diamondbacks.