Counseling Presentations

11th Grade Preparing for Your Senior Year and Applying to College


The following slide show was presented to families and students in the PAC during school on April 4th and on the evening of April 11th.  The information will help students and families prepare to apply to college in the fall of their senior year.


by Serrano High School Counseling Team 02-08-2024

Senior College Information Night 2023-24

Parents of Serrano seniors who are planning on applying to four-year colleges, please join us virtually by Google Meet this Thursday, September 21st from 6pm - 7:30pm for a presentation on the college application process. We will also be able to answer your questions through the chat box and during the Q&A session at the end of the presentation!
9th Grade--Navigating the World of High School & Preparing For What Lies Beyond
The following is the information presented on September 6, 2023. This information was also shared with 9th graders during their English class. This presentation introduces them to the Serrano Counseling Dept., provides helpful tips for succeeding in high school, compares graduation and college entrance requirements, and introduces them to the website, which is a fantastic resource for them to prepare for future careers and educational plans. 
The following handouts support information shared in the presentation about the graduation and college entrance requirements and give instructions for setting up an account with

Looking for a great resource to explore career and college options?

Follow the simple instructions found in this slideshow to create an account for to research careers and college options, track your progress toward meeting the college entrance requirements, known as the a-g requirements, and learn about financial aid. In your senior year, you will use this platform to launch your college and financial aid applications