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Attendance Corner


Download the Independent Study Contract request form from Page 28 of the student handbook:




When students know ahead of time that they will miss five to ten days of school, the parent needs to come to the Attendance office to apply for an Independent Study Contract.  This must be done a minimum of five 24-hour days in advance of the last day of attendance.  A review of the student’s records will be conducted prior to an Independent Study Contract being granted.  Students with excessive absences (equal to more than 10% of the total days enrolled up to that point), who failed to complete a previous ISC, have discipline issues, or who have less than a 2.00 grade point average or any failing grades on their most recent progress report or report card may be denied a contract.  If the contract is completed, the absence can then be excused.  Students who do not complete their contract will not be granted another contract during their enrollment at Serrano High School.



If your student arrives late to school with outside food or drink, they will have to throw it away before going to class. Coming into class late with food creates a disruption. It is important not only for your student but for all students in the class, to be there on time so as not to miss out on valuable instructional time and to decrease the amount of disruptions.



  1. All notes must contain the students first and last name

  2. Students that are not signed out through the attendance office will be considered truant

  3. When signing a student out, please be sure to PRINT their FIRST and LAST NAME

  4. All absences or tardies over 5 days old will be considered truant

  5. Any period cut MUST be cleared by the teacher of record within 5 days



In order to ensure that your student's attendance records are accurate, we encourage you to please monitor your student's Aeries attendance at least once a week. You have 5 days to clear any absences or discrepancies on your student's attendance. After that date, changes can not be made, so we urge you to please check this on a regular basis.



We want to let you know that getting your student released has become easier! When you know in advance that your student will need to be excused part of the day, just send your student to the attendance office prior to 7:00 am with a note from a legal guardian. The note must be dated and contain the reason and the time that they are to be released. We will then issue them an "Off Grounds Pass."  They will need to show this pass to the teacher and meet you out front at the appointed time.


Think about it......no looking for a place to park and having to come in to sign them out. Should you have any questions regarding this message, please feel free to contact the attendance office.