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What a Wonderful World - SJUSD

On behalf of the entire SJUSD music team, I would like to share our recording of, "What a Wonderful World." A few weeks ago, the district music teachers and I decided to create a virtual recording to uplift our community. After a few weeks of hard work, here is the end product!

Track Seniors! Click here for PDF

Coach Quinn has a Band platform for Track, and he has honored a different senior each weekday. Here's a compilation of all the different posts from the last month or so.

FAQ's for Senior Graduation

This list will continue to update today as parents email and call in with questions. Congratulations Class of 2020!

Schools are in Session: May 31-June 7

Student Attendance Matters in Snowline JUSD

Schools Are in Session - May 31-June 7

Attendance matters in our district---and it shows this year! Student attendance rates are up at all schools. This means that more learning is happening for our students across the entire district. Thank you for supporting this important commitment to student success.

Due to six (6) district-wide closures this year, all Snowline JUSD schools will remain in session through Friday, June 7. Please continue to do everything you can to get your students to school through the final day so that learning is maximized. If you have questions about these attendance days, feel free to contact school administrators for support. Attend today, achieve tomorrow!
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