See Something Say Something

Friday, April 20 is the 19 th anniversary of the Columbine High School tragedy. Serrano High
School will take time on Friday to remember the victims of this and other school shootings and
to encourage our students to become proactive in helping us create a safe campus.
In support of the Snowline Board of Education’s Safe Schools Resolution, Serrano is using the
Sandy Hook “Say Something” program guide to encourage students, parents, and the community
to report threatening messages, behavior, and social media posts so that the district and law
enforcement can take measures to prevent acts of violence.
We encourage parents to discuss with your family the “Say Something” parent brochure which is
being attached to our email message. At lunch on Friday, students will be encouraged to take the
“Say Something” pledge committing that they will
1. Look for warning signs and threats
2. Act immediately
3. Say something to a trusted adult
This activity will kick off a campaign that will continue into next year as a central effort to keep
our students safe. This effort accompanies our lock down drills, campus security training, and
other work to increase safety at Serrano.
The Snowline School District is also rolling out our new text-a- tip number. Confidential tips can
be sent to 760-239- 9113.
We understand that there are several political groups advocating for students to walk out of
school. For safety reasons, students are not allowed to walk out of school or to hold spontaneous
protests on campus. Friday is a regular academic day and all attendance rules and protocols will
remain in place. As always, students will be released to leave campus only if a parent/guardian,
or a person from their emergency contact card, comes to the school to release them.
There is also a false rumor that Friday is a school-recognized “senior ditch day”. This rumor is
not true. Seniors have a regular day on Friday. Seniors who miss school on Friday should
follow all regular attendance protocols and be prepared to verify the reason for their absence.
Serrano High School and the Snowline Joint Unified School District is committed to doing all
that we can to keep our students safe. We hope that you will join us in engaging in the effort to
report threats and concerns so that we can intervene early and prevent violence on our campuses.