FAQ's for Senior Graduation

  1. Can students wear lei's?
    1. Yes
  2. Can I decorate my graduation cap?
    1. Yes, follow the rules posted on Serrano's ASB website page
  3. Can we drive trucks and trailers with family and friends in the back?
    1. No, due to safety and traffic laws no parade type vehicles are allowed.
  4. Do we have to show up during our allotted time?
    1. We want all of our seniors to participate and have a farewell from Serrano. To help with traffic, we suggest that you do your best to arrive during your staging time at Pinon Messa.
  5. Do my parents have to wear a mask and gloves?
    1. No, since they will be in your vehicle the entire time (they are not allowed to exit at any time) they do not need a mask or wear gloves.
  6. If we cannot make the drive-thru graduation can we still get our diploma?
    1. Yes, our office will be open on Friday and next week. Please call the school to make arrangements. 
  7. If I owe money, can I still attend the drive-thru graduation?
    1. Yes, you may drive through but you will not get your diploma until your fees are paid. We will not take money in line so you will need to pay and pick up your diploma on Friday.
  8. Dress code (bathing suit and flip flops)?
    1. You are expected to wear your cap and gown.  You are expected to follow the school dress code for clothing under your regalia. There will be a professional photographer taking your picture upon receiving your diploma.