June 4th Class of 2020 Graduation

Drive through Diploma Celebration
Serrano High School Stadium. Please arrive at the designated time as noted below. The ceremonies
will begin promptly at 9:00 AM. The arrival schedule is as follows: Last name beginning with:
A, B 8:30 AM
C, D, E 9:00 AM
F, G, H, I, J 9:30 AM
K, L, M, N 10:00 AM
O, P, Q, R 10:30 AM
S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z 11:00 AM
*Please see the previous email or call us for all of the rules and regulations that will be inforced on
that day. In an attempt to prevent potential traffic problems, traffic will be controlled by the
school police, and all vehicles will enter the celebration at Pinon Mesa Middle School and will exit
through the maintenance yard onto Malpaso Rd.
June 4th- Graduation Celebration & Virtual Graduation
June 3rd- Mtn. High Photo Experience
Virtual Graduation Video
1. Emails will be sent to students and parents from Marching Order and Serrano High
School, which will contain the link for the virtual graduation video.
2. The link may be shared with other family members so they can log on and watch the
graduation too.
3. At 7:00 pm, Pacific Standard Time, the link will go live.
Click on the link and enjoy the show!