Work Permits & Driver's Education


Got a job? Congratulations! You have been hired, now what?
Come to the front office or download the Workers Permit Application below. Take this application to your employer to fill out information showing compliance with the California Labor laws as well as the worker's compensation laws. Your parent/legal guardian must also sign to show consent.

In order to obtain a work permit, a student must have a 2.0 with no F's and have good attendance and discipline. Serrano wants our students to work, therefore, we have a probationary permit allowing time for you fix any issue you may have. You are allowed one probation permit a year.

For more information, read the General guidelines.


Driver Education is being offered to students in the 10th grade as an independent study course. Independent Driver Education is optional and is not a graduation requirement. The student will meet with me once a week during a 7th period for five weeks in room 810 from 2-2:30 every Friday. Each student will be required to do homework and take a test. Upon Satisfactory completion of the course requirement, students will receive a DMV Certificate of completion signed by the teacher that will authorize them to take the written test administered by the DMV. Completion of the behind-the wheel training is the responsibility of the student. Students will receive a Pass or Fail grade. 2 ½ elective credits are earned for completing the course. Registration will be based on the student’s birthday. If you are a newly registered 10th grader or already 16, go to Room 810 during your lunch or my office which is located in the Boys Freshman Physical Education locker room as soon as possible to speak with Coach Maholchic concerning your enrollment.


Start Date

Ending Date

Birth Dates

Group 1

August 23rd

September 20th  


Group 2

September 27th 

October 25th  


Group 3

November 1st

December 6th   


Group 4

January 10th

February 7th


Group 5

February 14th

March 13th


Group 6

March 20th

April 24th



Independent Driver Education will meet in Room 810

There are two ways in which you will be notified about which group you are in:

  1. Your Physical Education teacher will inform you
  2. The reading of the daily bulletin during 2nd period


Thank you,

Casey Maholchic -

Independent Driver Education Instructor