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Certificated Staff (Teachers)

Certificated Staff





Agriculture Department


AFFLECK, Joe [email protected]


MAIZE, Kaylene [email protected]



Career Technical Education  


CHACON, Adam [email protected]


DAVIS, Mike [email protected]


GREER, ERICA [email protected]


GREER, Landis [email protected]


HARROWER, Jayne [email protected]


MCINTIRE, Maurice [email protected]


TODD, Tonya [email protected]



English Department  


BARRERA, Mark [email protected]


BODELL, Matt [email protected]


BRADEN, Melissa [email protected]

BROOKS, Sarah [email protected]


DREW, Kristy [email protected]


FRANCIS, Saira [email protected]


GOTT, Reina [email protected]


GRIJALVA, Kristin [email protected]

GUZMAN, Omar   [email protected]

HOLGIN, Laura      [email protected]

KENDRICK, Wrinthia [email protected]


MAPLES, Joshua [email protected]


MOEN, Danielle [email protected]


NEEDHAM, Tim [email protected]


NEWKIRK, Melissa [email protected]


QUINN, Kenneth   [email protected]

RAYMER, Vincent vincent_raymer@snowlineschools

SHAFFER, Sherri [email protected]

SWANK, Deanna [email protected]


Mathematics Department  

ATTERBERRY, Clint [email protected]

BRENNER, Kristi [email protected]

CORNELL, Rhonda [email protected]


DODSON, Heather [email protected]

GOVIN, Brian [email protected]

HAYES, Lulu [email protected]


IRVIN, Cemonn [email protected]

MAHAN, Jaime [email protected]

MAHOLCHIC, Frankee [email protected]


MAHOLCHIC, Max [email protected]

MYERS, Karen [email protected]

PATTON, Jim [email protected]

PETERSEN, David [email protected]

THIBODEAU, Tristan [email protected]

WALCZYNSKI, Andrew [email protected]

WHEELER, Michelle [email protected]



Performing Arts Department  


DOLAN, Jonathan (Choir) [email protected]


Minick, Daniel (Band) [email protected]

GRIJALVA, KRISTIN (Dance) [email protected]


QUINN, Beverly (Theatre) [email protected]




Physical Education Department  


ANTLE, Ryan [email protected]


BRENNER, Steve [email protected]


CORVERA, Rachel [email protected]


ELLIOTT, Sherry [email protected]


FIELER, Heather [email protected]


MAHOLCHIC, Casey [email protected]





Science Department  


CAGLE, Chantel  [email protected]

CLARK, Sean [email protected]


GRIJALVA, John [email protected]


HANSEN, Ross [email protected]


HEIM, Christy [email protected]

HELLWIG, Christina [email protected]


HENDERSON, Justin [email protected]


MARTIN, Josh [email protected]

MILAN, Audrey [email protected]


MINCK, Justin [email protected]


MORRISON, Pat [email protected]


SCHNEIDER, Loren [email protected]


WALKER, Ashley [email protected]





Social Science Department


ANDERSEN, Melissa [email protected]


ANTLE, Laura [email protected]


BRAVO, Anthony [email protected]


CABALLERO, Alexis [email protected]


HILLER, Cliff [email protected]


HURLEY, Lisa [email protected]


MAPLES, Joshua [email protected]

OSEGUERA, Alexis [email protected]


REED, Morgan [email protected]


SULLIVAN, Joshua [email protected]


SULLIVAN, Melissa [email protected]


TALLEY, Gladys [email protected]


THIBODEAU, Sarah [email protected]


WALCZYNSKI, Carrie [email protected]





Special Education

CHAPMAN, Mark    [email protected]

GROH, Jessica [email protected]




Visual Arts Department


BRADY, Mike [email protected]


HEIM, Joe [email protected]





World Language Department  


HERNANDEZ, Nancy [email protected]


MAGANA, Marco [email protected]


WILLIAMS, Marina [email protected]


RAMIREZ, Luis [email protected]


SCHNEIDER, Kasey [email protected]


VARNER, Tory [email protected]

Google Suite

Many Serrano teachers use Google Classroom. Students (and their parents) can access it through the student school email account. The format for a student's email account is the following:

student's first name + last initial + last four digits permanent ID @ snowlinestudents.com


Example: dorothyp0004@

Dorothy is the first name of the student, P is their last name initial, and their permanent ID as displayed in Aeries ends in 0004


Students first have to use the Classroom code for their particular teacher's class to add the class to their Classroom app. Teachers give this code in class and can email them as well.