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Welcome to the SHS Library and Media Center.
We strive to make the library a comfortable and useful place for all of our students and staff. 
Serrano Library offers:
  • Seventeen all in one computers and one Mac computer with wifi and printing capabilities. 
  • Thirty two chrome books.
  • Over a 20,000 collection of fiction, non-fiction, and reference books. 
  • We are connected to the San Bernardino County Library system which allows us to order books from other county branches and have them delivered here to Serrano for our students. 


  • Book Club: We meet on Tuesdays after school in the library from 2-3pm. Come join us for reading and discussions. Currently we are reading "The last book in the Universe".      
Congratulations Young Author Winners!!
Top Left: Fiona Cannady, Austin Mahoney, Kaylie Marie Stott, Tajania Hayes, Alissa Crews, Kathy Platas
Bottom left: Janelle Edgar, Rebecca Case, Charity Griffin, Chloe Premo, Erin Eberhardt
  • Young Authors: The Young Authors Contest encourages students to express themselves and their thoughts through writing and literacy skills. If chosen, the student's book will be published and they will attend the Snowline Young Authors Conference at Wrightwood Elementary. 
  • Scholastic Book Fair: We hold fairs twice a year. This school year we have been able to add over $800.00 in new books to our library! Thank you staff, parents, and students for all of your support.


Library Hours
6:30am to 7:00pm
Mrs. Fridley
Mrs. Loop
(760) 868-3222 X21051

       6th Period T.A. 
      Madison Morgan