Honors Graduate & Academic Letter Requirements


For the purpose of determining the grade point average (GPA) used to designate High Honors or Honors, the GPA will be based on 7.75 semesters, or up until the conclusion of the 4th quarter Progress Reporting Period of senior year.

The awards will be recognized at graduation according to the following criteria:

High Honors: (may be distinguished by wearing a gold cap and gown and blue stole)
  • Weighted GPA of 4.0, or above
  • Completed coursework meets the CSU/UC a-g requirements and/or completes a two-year CTE sequence
Honors: (may be distinguished by wearing a gold stole)
  • Weighted GPA of 3.5 or above

Student's will not have to apply for this recognition.

Qualifying students will be determined by the counseling office and students will be notified once the list is generated.


Students qualify for an academic letter/bar by earning a 3.5 or higher GPA in the spring semester of one year and the fall semester of the next year. Students will be automatically evaluated for this recognition and do not need to apply for it.


Once a student has earned a letter, they will receive a bar to place on their letter for the consecutive years in which they qualify.