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Featured Projects

This section is devoted to showcasing the creativity and achievements of Serrano students. Please take a moment to look at our students' great work, and please let us know of anything that should be added.


Students from 3D Animation class created visualizations of chess games. The chess pieces themselves were created using a combination of subobject modeling, lathing and Boolean compound methods. The materials and surfaces were created using UVW mapping techniques. The animations were keyframed and timed in 3ds Max. Students created and animated their own cameras to give the motion effects. The games themselves were selected from famous games from the 1800's.

Serrano History Club places in both county and state National History Day competitions.

The following students placed in County competitions and moved on to state. At the state competition, Joshua Gonzales placed 5th in state.

Morgan Owen, 12 - Aisha: Mother of Believers (10 minute performance)
Joshua Gonzales, 10 - Rosebud: Defining Orson Welles' Leadership & Legacy (10 minute documentary)
Ryan Owings, 10 - Walt Disney: Leading Family Entertainment (Historical Paper)

Please watch Joshua Gonzales's documentary below to get a taste of the great work our students are doing (not to mention the History club and its adviser, Melissa Andersen!).

This is an excerpt from Mrs. Andersen's National History Day website:

In December 2012, a Serrano student and I were chosen from a nation-wide contest to partake in the Albert H. Small Normandy Institute. This journey would include six months of research, learning about all things D-Day and WWII, while also researching the life of a fallen soldier who is buried in the Normandy American Cemetery that was from our home state of California. My student chose 1Lt. Roy Eisele of the 303rd Bomb Group who died on June 12, 1944.

Our journey also included 2 weeks of hands-on experience where we met up with the other 14 student-teacher teams from across the country in Washington D.C. in June. Together, we attended lectures from leading WWII historians, as well as going to WWII museums, watching D-Day documentaries and doing research at the National Archives, College Park. The second week of our summer institute also had us venture to Normandy, France. Not only did we visit museums, but we had the opportunity to walk Omaha and Utah Beach, walk the grounds of British, German and American cemeteries but got to visit many of the battle sites that we had spent the last six months reading about. Each student also gave a eulogy graveside to their soldier. Upon returning, each team was given the task to make a website memorial for their fallen soldier project.

The entire experience changed the way that I approach teaching history. I could go on forever about how it changed my outlook, instead, I wish to illustrate how Albert H. Small and the brave men and women of WWII impacted my life.