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Class of 2020 CTE Completer - Senior Survey

Closed - Thank you for all who participated
Class of 2020 CTE Completors- We need your feedback!
Due February 5th, 2021
Please take a minute and fill out the survey below. This information helps us to remain eligible for future grant funding. With your feedback, you can help fund our CTE classes with instructional supplies, new equipment, field trips, FFA, Skills USA, and HOSA events.
How do I know if I need to take this survey?
  • If you graduated from Snowline JUSD, Class of 2020, and completed a CTE Capstone course (see CTE Course Sequence link to the right), or if we called you and asked you to complete this survey then you need to take the survey.
  • If you were a senior, Class of 2020, and were enrolled in an Intro (1) or concentrator (2) class you do not need to take this survey. 
Please use the link or form below: